Export Quickbooks to Excel: Smart Tips

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Videos are good training tools. At least, that’s what my boss said. What I’ve learned now is that they are great learning materials.

Here’s another video from YouTube, it’s really amazing the amount of time people spend creating these:

Quickbooks can produce a lot of great reports, but sometimes you need to crunch the numbers in Excel to really understand what’s going on in a business. Luckily, Quickbooks makes it easy to export data to Excel in just a few clicks. The problem is that sometimes you have to do a lot of clean up in Excel before you can work with the numbers. In this video, the author shows you the techniques he uses to get your data out of Quickbooks and into Excel with greater speed and accuracy. This training video is intended for people who do financial analysis of Quickbooks data for a small business bookkeepers, controllers, and entrepreneurs/business owners who do hands-on financial analysis. The video uses Quickbooks Accountants’ Edition 2009 and Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Basic knowledge of both Quickbooks and Excel is assumed. —————————— Copyright 2009 David Stern CFO


The rest is here: Export Quickbooks to Excel: Smart Tips